About Us

Our Vision

RBCG was created and designed to be of service and to close the gaps identified within our clients and relationships established over time. We are the link between innovation and capitalism. Each entity established, acquired, or invested into were all derived from an essential need. Each venture fulfills on the three principals of PEOPLE, PROCESS, & PRODUCT. Our vision is to master the areas of Capital, Human Capital, and Resources as we engage, acquire or invest in companies. Our impact in these areas will help inject our strengths into the local economy which allows for job growth and economic development. 

Our Phases

Each specialization has it’s own 3 step process Specifically tailored to maximize each strategy based on each clients needs.Redstone Business Consulting Group, LLC provides businesses at varying stages of growth with consulting services, capital resources, and business development solutions to achieve their business objectives. Together we have one commitment. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!

Our Team

Jason Jiminez

Founder / CEO / International Entrepreneur / Investor



As a Principal in Redstone Business Holdings, LLC, He serves as chief executive officer of Redstone Business Consulting Group LLC which provides consulting services to small, medium/large companies that are in the need of Capital, Business Development, Growth Strategies, Change Management, and M&A services. Mr. Jimenez owned interest in Erosion Control Systems Inc. He exited successfully 2017 with a 6 figure return. In January 10 2020 Jason invested and negotiated interest in into Team Brothers Industrial Services LLC. It is an industrial Cleaning company and as of yet already grown it and looks forward to achieving its goals in the next three years. His first company that he started at the age of 21 and still operating is Jason Jimenez Insurance Agency Inc, which provides property casualty, commercial, Work Comp, Bonds, and structured products. on June 2019 Jason Jimenez became the CEO of his newest venture IMD Financial Services LLC which is a (IMO) Independent Marketing Organization which provides contracts directly to top Carriers to Life Ins. Agents & Ins. Agencies nationally. Mr. Jimenez is the founder and chair of the International Resource Group (IRG), which is an organization comprised of CEO’s from midsize to large businesses that collaborate with domestic and international investors.

He has been an active real estate investor with over 15years of experience with residential and commercial finance. Since 2014 he has funded and or participated in well over 20 million in closed transactions which impacted over 2 billion in projects. Mr. Jimenez studied business administration and marketing at the University of Houston Downtown, and he is the recipient of various awards

Michael Bowie

Director of Capital



Michael has 30+ years of experience and has been a CFO for manufacturing companies, distribution & service companies, and a vertically integrated manufacturing and retail company. He also has several years of oil & gas exploration experience. He is a seasoned professional, with several years of experience working with companies to turnaround and improve their growth and profitability.

Michael is effective at working with owners and management in seeing and developing the ‘Big Picture’, and evaluating potential outcomes based on forecast projections and identified key assumptions. These projections along with key historical data and metrics help the company make informed decisions regarding their future operations that lead to growth and increasing profitability. He has extensive knowledge in the financial space in working with banks and other lenders structuring financial instruments and debt covenants. He has been directly involved in acquisitions, divestitures, and restructuring business in his career

Driven investment specialist, with a heavy background in Marsci., Martech., and Dev Ops. His military background allows me to keep a level head in tight spots, as well as adapt to any circumstance effectively.

He helps our clients current financial position in all areas of business and identify what is the most important capital need to enable growth and success. Whether it be utilized for working capital or expansion, we can provide these services and funding through Redstone Capital or through our network of capital sources and investors.

James Yendrey III

Director of Operations



Ada Lewis oversees and provides leadership to Projeplan and its personnel. Ms. Lewis has over 30 years of experience in major projects working for Shell Oil, GE Energy, Foster Wheeler and other EPC companies worldwide. She successfully sustains a high safety performance reputation, maintains quality standards, and minimizes corporate costs and liability. Our Customers therefore, can rely on our powerful network of experienced professionals with the best expertise.

Ada Lewis

Projeplan Engineering Services



we are part of the family. all the way through.